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Your recovery starts here.


Whether you’re just getting started and need help finding a reputable program or you're trying to figure out if your insurance policy will cover treatment for you or your loved one, we’ve been through it and we’re ready to help you get through it, too.

Sober Services will make your treatment planning process as painless and stress-free as possible.

The best part about our service? It’s completely free. No fees. No hidden charges. Just people helping people. If we can help just one person develop the right treatment plan, our job is done.





We help coordinate all necessary details and help you find the very best treatment and facility for your needs.

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Accurate Assessment


We provide a completely confidential consultation to determine what your needs are and what treatment is best.

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Insurance Advocacy


We provide free insurance benefit verification and will navigate through your policy to explain the coverage you have.





We educate you on every aspect of addiction and addiction treatment and give you the power to make the best decisions.

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Connection to Treatment


We provide you with multiple treatment options so you can compare them to see what makes the most sense for you.

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Travel Arrangements


We will help you with all necessary travel arrangements to ensure you or your loved one makes it to treatment safely.

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Open Enrollment Guidance


We can help you choose the best insurance policy to ensure you have adequate coverage for your treatment.





We offer referrals to trusted professionals who can conduct an intervention to get your loved one into treatment.



Aftercare Planning


We place an emphasis on long term treatment and will help arrange your treatment for 30 days to a year.

We are a group of dedicated professionals whose only goal is to help you.We are a vast knowledge base of information on addiction, recovery, and relapse and the devastating ripple effect it can have on your world.

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