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Addiction is a difficult topic to deal with, especially when those around you can't fully understand how you feel, what you're going through, or how to talk to you. Our goal is to fill up your knowledge bank so that you’re able to make the best decisions possible to deal with any scenario you may encounter. Arming yourself and your loved ones with knowledge is the best way to begin your journey to recovery.

Benefits of education.


Recognizing the root of the issue

Addiction runs deep – past traumas, genetics, and environment are just a few contributing factors. Understanding what initially brought you to use drugs or alcohol will help you be able to simultaneously heal your mind and body. Without this emotional healing, your chances of relapse increase dramatically, as you haven’t actually solved the underlying problem that led to it.

Knowing what to expect

Being able to mentally prepare yourself for the physical and emotional challenges ahead of you will allow you to embrace change and settle into your treatment more quickly. If your loved one is going into treatment, knowing what to expect will make it easier for you while you wait back at home and allow you to better know how to support them from afar.

Understanding after treatment care

Knowing what to expect upon your arrival back home, how to deal with old temptations and habits, and creating a solid foundation to build your new life on are all essential elements to recovery. If your loved one is returning home from treatment, knowing what to say, how to act, and how to support them will have a huge effect on how well they adjust to their new-found sobriety.

Learning to resist temptations

Temptations will arise. Falling back into your old routines, seeing your old friends, and hanging out in the places you used to use makes it difficult to resist. But if you know how to handle them, or how to encourage your loved one, when they do arise, then you’ll be able to move forward with your life without the fear of relapse looming overhead.

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Let’s grow together.

We're staying up to date.

We believe the best way we can serve you is by continuing to educate ourselves on new medical developments and treatments and the pros and cons of each. We’re constantly updating our certifications, taking new classes, and watching the industry to ensure nothing slips through our fingers. We strive to provide you with the best, most up-to-date treatment available today and to pass that new information along to you to ensure the best possible chances of success.

We've been there.


We’ve learned a thing or two over the years and can help provide guidance in almost any situation. If you have any questions about signs of drug abuse in your home, strange behavioral patterns, addiction, statistics, or more, we have an extensive knowledge base. We’ve lived the life of an addict before and would love to share our story with you.

We are a group of dedicated professionals whose only goal is to help you.We are a vast knowledge base of information on addiction, recovery, and relapse and the devastating ripple effect it can have on your world.

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