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Can You Die From Heroin Withdrawal? We Have The Answer!


Q) Can you die from Heroin Withdrawal?

Whilst very rare, it is possible that withdrawing from Heroin could have potentially harmful effects.

Can you die from Heroin Withdrawal?




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A) Yes you can die from Heroin Withdrawal.

Although rare, a heroin addiction could lead to pain, suffering and even death.


How does Heroin Withdrawal cause people to die?


The question, 'can you die from heroin withdrawal?', is difficult to answer. Although rare, withdrawing from an opiate such as Heroin can have disastorous effects. The main reason people die from a heroin withdrawal is because of the increased risk of seizures involved with the withdrawal process and this leads to respiritory problems, brain damage, liver problems and even liver failure.

How does Heroin Withdrawal cause people to die?

How long does Heroin Withdrawal last?


Heroin withdrawal symptoms are reportedly painful and enduring. The good news however, is that after 7 days, 90% of the gruesome symptoms will have passed and you will be well on your way to quitting the habit for good.


Where can you get help for Heroin Withdrawal?


Help is always at hand here at If you or perhaps someone you know is undergoing a heroin addiction, please contact us ASAP and we will do everything in our power to ensure that they get the treatment and help they ever so desperately need.

In most cases, Rehab isn't necessary but for something as serious as an opiate addiction, not going to Rehab could have dire consequences, including an 80% chance of relapse.





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If you or someone you know is enduring an addiction please contact us for support & guidance immediately.






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