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Treatments for Substance Abuse.


Whether you’re just getting started and need help finding a reputable program or you're trying to figure out if your insurance policy will cover treatment for you or your loved one, we’ve been through it and we’re ready to help you get through it, too.

Sober Services will make your treatment planning process as painless and stress-free as possible.

The best part about our service? It’s completely free. No fees. No hidden charges. Just people helping people. If we can help just one person develop the right treatment plan, our job is done.

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12-Step Recovery


Addiction treatment based on the traditional 12-Step program.

 Dual Diagnosis treatment


Dual Diagnosis


True parallel treatment of both substance abuse and mental health disorders.

 EMDR Treatment Services




Relieve the symptoms of post-traumatic stress disorder by focusing on the role of memory.

 Eating Disorders


Eating Disorders


Men and women can suffer from eating disorders, which are often very similar to addictive behaviors.

 Addiction Treatment Options - Holistic Non 12 Step


Holistic Non 12 Step


Addiction treatment that focuses on your mind, body, and soul.

 Cognitive Behavioral Therapy


Cognitive Behavioral Therapy


Understand, modify, and treat the behaviors that lead to substance abuse.

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Individual & Group Therapy


One-on-one and group therapy that provides mental and physical support.

 relapse prevention


Relapse Prevention


Maintaining your commitment to sobriety to sustain lasting recovery.

 Detoxification Treatment




We only utilize professionally supervised medical detox methods.

 Dialectical Behavioral Therapy


Dialectical Behavioral Therapy


Focus on mastering mindfulness in order to reach recovery from within.

 Family Counseling


Family Counseling


Therapy provided for family members to help craft ideal support roles that can best aid in recovery.

 life skills training


Life Skills Training


Relearn important life skills and receive employment or education assistance.


We are a group of dedicated professionals whose only goal is to help you.We are a vast knowledge base of information on addiction, recovery, and relapse and the devastating ripple effect it can have on your world.

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