Treatments - Dual Diagnosis

Recognize the signs.


Recognizing the signs of addiction in yourself and seeking the first steps toward recovery is a brave move. You may have wrestled with denial and feelings of guilt, but now you know you deserve the true happiness only sobriety can give you.


But I'm still not myself...

Even after all you’ve done to improve yourself, though, do you have a nagging feeling in the back of your head that addiction isn’t all that’s bothering you? If you’re bogged down by the blues or excessive moodiness, it might not be. Dual diagnosis is a very common issue among users and is nothing to be ashamed of.

What is dual diagnosis?


Dual diagnosis is when a person suffers from both a mental health disorder and a substance abuse problem. Alcohol and drug addiction tend to accompany depression, anxiety, schizophrenia, and personality disorders. Whether the mental disorder led to the addiction, or the addiction preceded the disorder, the self-medication must stop, and treating both simultaneously is imperative to reach full recovery.

Take back your life.


Dual diagnosis is a complicated and serious combination, but there are plenty of treatment options available that are designed to simultaneously treat your mental disorder and addiction.

When a qualified psychiatrist, physician, or therapist gives you a dual diagnosis, you may find you breathe a sigh of relief. It might explain the emotional turmoil, self-destructive behaviors, and factors contributing to your grief that you just didn’t seem able to control. While you still may be frightened and overwhelmed, you now know this illness can be treated.

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Find a coach.


The most common reason for substance abuse relapse is an untreated mental health disorder, so it is vital that you battle both demons in order to reach true recovery. The concept of hurdling over two obstacles at once seems very frightening and intimidating, but there are many treatment programs available to coach you on how to leap over those hurdles. Some of these include pharmacotherapy, CBT, DBT, holistic therapy, inpatient, and outpatient methods.

Improve yourself.


Regardless of the treatment program you enroll in, the benefits of treatment are endless. You’ll learn life-coping skills, improve interpersonal relationships, establish confidence in the workplace, rejuvenate your passion for life, and, most importantly, you’ll be free from addiction and on your way to managing your mental illness.

We are a group of dedicated professionals whose only goal is to help you.We are a vast knowledge base of information on addiction, recovery, and relapse and the devastating ripple effect it can have on your world.

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