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Most rehab centers in the country are the traditional 12 step model. These are often called disease model treatment options as they consider addiction to be a disease and suggest the patient has a condition that is incurable and has to learn to live and cope with this disease.


This model of care is also known to have lower success rates. Various government studies show traditional 12 step treatment to be at only 3-10% efficacy. This can be attributed to many factors but one that is regularly cited by patients is the problem of becoming 'hopeless' due to the idea of endless meetings and being labeled with a lifelong affliction.


Non 12 step treatment centers do not believe in this model.

Higher success rates with Non 12 Step


Non 12 step programs often have much higher success rates. 50-70% is not uncommon due to the fact that they work on addressing and resolve root causes of addiction. Instead of meetings to avoid relapse, there is more one-on-one cognitive therapy and other disciplines uses to heal the person physically and mentally to eliminate the source of the addictive behavior.


Non 12 step programs are non-religious in nature.


Non 12 step programs can often be found to provide Holistic treatment services to complement their cognitive therapy. The idea is to provide tailored programs that address the whole person - mind, body and soul, for balance and healing.




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