-– Rebekah H. North Carolina

I just want to say what a blessing Sober Services has been for me and my son. A couple of months ago, I had come to the point of no hope for my son after he relapsed and started using drugs again. I was at my wits end when he ended up on the streets, and the outcome looked tragic. I remember going outside after I hung up the phone with his father, and I looked up at the sky and prayed for a miracle.That morning his father picked my son up at the homeless shelter and called me. We wanted to get him off the street for fear we would never see him alive again. I remembered having seen the Sober Services hotline several years before, and I looked it up and called. I spoke to a very helpful man who understood the urgency of the situation and by that afternoon my son was on a plane to the rehabilitation facility.They knew he needed a safe and caring facility that understood his drug addiction and understood that it would be long term. I had tried rehabilitation facilities in my state, with failure, due to the short stays, which were sometimes only a week or two long and then they would send him back to me to try to help him.


I tried my best but did not have the support team, doctors and behavior experts that this facility has and utilizes.He is truly getting a second chance at life. They were my miracle I prayed for. They cared and took quick action to start his treatment. They went above and beyond in reaching out to make sure he was on the plane and on his way to safety and treatment. I have been able to sleep at night knowing he is in good care and on his way to a change in behavior and choices. He is surrounded by those who understand addiction, and now I do not feel alone or like I'm fighting a losing battle. They are helping him win the battle of addiction.I do not think I could have saved my son if this quick action was not taken. He is in a caring, professional and efficient treatment center and I will forever be grateful to them for saving his life.

-– Rebekah H. North Carolina
--Chester M., West Virginia - Part 1

To whom it may concern,I am writing this letter to let you know how pleased I am with your company and the company that gives you the referrals for people that need help. I started my journey on October 30, 2015, around 9:30 in the morning when I decided to get on the Internet to research the best possible rehabilitation centers in the United States. Initially, I had hoped that I could find one in West Virginia that was close to home but I was unsuccessful.After looking through several in other states, I found a phone number to one in Michigan so I decided to call and request more information.

The representative that I spoke with had me so excited thinking that I was going to be able to get my father in their rehabilitation center that day. I talked with him for quite a while discussing medical insurance and a few other things that he would have to access to get my father approved to come to his facility.Needless to say, I was excited. I was told by the judge that if I found my father a rehabilitation center then he could issue a court order to get my father out of jail immediately so he could prepare to leave as soon as possible. He would be given a small amount of time to spend with our family before he flew out Monday morning.In the meantime I was waiting on the representative from Michigan to give me a call back to confirm everything, and that's when I got a call around 1:00 from a lady named Emily Lowe. She was very polite and asked me how my situation was going. She also told me that she was given my number by someone who told her that my father was looking for a rehabilitation center and wanted to help.I started to become very curious as to why she called me when I only spoke to a representative from a facility in Michigan. I told her that I would call her back because I had to speak with the representative from Michigan. I had to confirm everything with him before speaking to Emily any further. Unfortunately, he couldn't get my father approved to come to his facility but he shared my number with Emily without my consent.After I spoke with him I was extremely frustrated with the entire situation but realized that Emily was only trying to help me. I called her back immediately in a panic because I knew that I was running out of time because I had to be able to get my father out on Friday, which was the deadline for this process to begin. She was very helpful and we started an extensive process. I gave her all of the required information and she quickly sent it to a lady named Ashley Jemison. Ashley works for your company and Emily told me that once the insurance got approved that she would get his flight scheduled and that we could potentially get the ball rolling that day.Ashley called and explained everything to me very thoroughly. She informed me of how it works and what all she needed from me. This all seemed very complicated and again I started to get very frustrated. Ashley and I didn't agree on several things, so I got angry and hung up the phone.

--Chester M., West Virginia - Part 1

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